On or OffChapter 91
Mature Romance Yaoi

Yiyoung is building a startup with his college friends. They get a chance to present their proposal to SJ Corporation, one of the leading companies in the country. But in the meeting room he sees Kang Daehyung, the extremely handsome company big shot that's so very much his type, and Yiyoung's heart starts to race...! Can pretty-faced Yiyoung win both in love and his career?

Ore no yubi de midarero. ~Heitengo no saron, ijiwaru ni jirasareteChapter 104
Mature Romance Smut

Every spot he touches with his fingers burn and throb... We secretly intertwine beside the sink for shampooing hair... If he does any more to me, I won’t be able to keep my voice down...!

Obey Me (Yaoi)Chapter 42
Drama Romance Yaoi

Jinyoo’s life is a living hell—he’s become a hermit due to an abusive father and a traumatic bullying experience. But just when he thinks life can’t get any worse, he is kidnapped by his high school classmate, Gyuh-wool, who’s developed a twisted obsession over him. Jinyoo quickly learns that there is no escape… The only way to survive is to obey Gyuh-wool’s orders. WARNING: This comic contains triggering content, such as graphic depictions of violence, imprisonment, bondage, and rape.

Ookami-san wa TaberaretaiChapter 36
Romance Smut

"I want Akagashira-sensei to eat my 'first'!" Ookami had her skirt swiped by the rumored "skirt bandit." Her teacher Akagashira happened to be passing by and came to Ookami's rescue. Akagashira took Ookami home, but Ookami had a real reason for bringing Akagashira there... "Stuck with a girl in a room with the lights out, I… can't help myself!"

Oreni Sosogarerunante Arigataku OmoeyoChapter 129
Action Comedy Drama Ecchi

"Say it. Say you want me to fuck you..." My whole body turned into an erogenous zone, every single touch creates pleasure... He greedily devours my entire body and I can’t get away from him...! **WARNING: Contains non-consensual and dubious consensual sex

On A LeashChapter 139
Action Drama Yuri

Do opposites really attract? An all-out race war among shapeshifters has begun. Fiercely loyal and brave, Red is the perfect soldier. However, she is also outspoken and stubborn, causing her to butt heads with her senior commanding officers. Between fighting battles and trying to keep out of trouble, will Red ever find peace?

Open BoardChapter 71
Action Adult Drama Mature

The obsession of a young man, who is neither afraid nor guilty of risking everything to find his stepfather. This is a dangerous love story between two men, desperately struggling to find balance in their toxic relationship.

Omniscient Reader's ViewpointChapter 221
Action Webtoons

‘This is a development that I know of.’ The moment he thought that the world had been destroyed, and a new universe had unfolded. The new life of an ordinary reader begins within the world of the novel, a novel that he alone had finished.

Our CompanionshipChapter 45
Shounen ai Webtoons

Ever since high school, Sang Hwa has had a crush on his seemingly perfect best friend, Ryuh Han. Feeling both inferior and lonely, he delved into Lessa, an MMO slowly declining in popularity and an escape from Ryuh Han.

Over-Cumming Writer's BlockChapter 32
Comedy Romance Smut

Could you please let me watch you masturbate!? Romance novelist, Shadow struggling to write a young adult erotic novel. From what hes agent says, his writing has no sex appeal... After some careful deliberation, he begs Mr. Shrek-kun, a cute banker he just happened to meet, to let her interview him about his sexual encounters. Shrek-kun doesn look happy... In fact, he never looks happy, and yet, he can help indulging her and softening a little at her straightforward authenticity... Shadow feels so grateful to Mr. Shrek for agreeing to show him how to have sex!

Omega ComplexChapter 52
Romance Webtoons Yaoi

I hate Omega. After manifesting as a dominant alpha, Tae Gyeom, who was angry by unintentionally estrusing omega, He avoids Omega and lives on only his childhood friend Yoon Woo. Meanwhile, Yoon Woo, who suddenly appeared as an Omega After avoiding Tae Gyeom for 5 years, he runs into Tae Gyeom by chance at a bar in front of the school. Are we friends? At Tae Gyeoms words, Yoon Woo reluctantly ends up spending college life with Tae-gyeom...

Our Sunny DaysChapter 25.5
Comedy Webtoons Yaoi

Sung Ho’s not the kind you’d typically expect to settle down in the countryside. He’s in his late 20s, ex-military, and…a single father with a year-old baby his ex-girlfriend pawned off on him. Jobless and without any prospects but a house, Sung Ho hopes the peaceful Nuldongmae village will make a good new home for him and his daughter. Rumor has it that the head of the village, despite his young age, is a real jerk… But he won’t have to deal with that, will he? But on the very day he moves in, Sung Ho clashes with a tall, good-looking guy who’s got quite the temper and accuses Sung Ho of stealing from his store. This new guy really gets on his nerves, but he does seem to know a lot about the village… Sung Ho’s always been a bit of a lone ranger wherever he goes, so will he be able to let someone else in his life for sunny days up ahead?

Oh! My AssistantChapter 45
Comedy Drama Mature Romance

Seonho is an artist who draws adult webcomics. It started as an easy way to make money, but it's caused some unexpected side effects: he hasn't been aroused for over two years! Exhausted, he hires an assistant. It's just that, he didn't expect him to be so cute! Muyeong is clean, talented, and apparently loaded so... why does he want to work under Seonho? Turns out, Muyeong is Seonho's number one fan...

Ooh La LaChapter 70
Comedy Romance

Never say yes to a typical, dull romance.

Ore no Kanbotsu Chikubi ga Senpai no Shitapi de TachimashitaChapter 57
Romance Smut Yaoi

"Your nipples stuck out properly." His senior’s tongue piercing goes in deep licking the indent... His sensitive nipples quiver as the start to stand out...!?

Oni Joushi wa Suit wo Nuide mo KyouboudeshitaChapter 21
Ecchi Mature Smut

"That's an order. I'm going to make you cum right in front of him." My boss is stirring up my inside exactly in front of my sleeping coworker. The sounds of our love-making echo through the room .... Oh my God .... Is he gonna find out? | The story is about an evil boss, Mr Kashiwagi who's over-strict to his subordinate Ms Hidaka, even after someone advices him not to be that evil to her. His answer is: That's exactly how she should be handled.

Our FutureChapter 45.5
Romance Smut Supernatural Webtoons

Evan has the ability to see a happy moment of one's future. One day, he meets a guy and sees his future he cannot share..

OpiumChapter 47.5
Webtoons Yuri

1946 Choseon (Korea). Beautiful and brilliant Dr. Maria Arden returns to the country of her birth as the medical advisor to the U.S. Army—a stranger in an unfamiliar land ravaged by wars and corruption. There, she meets Dr. Kyeongju Lee, an alluring, mysterious woman shunned by society. Their innocent flirtations turn into a heated, forbidden love affair, as an illegal trade in opium threatens Choseon’s fragile stability. Two outsiders drawn helplessly to each other, but… everything was a lie.

Opposites AttractChapter 80.5
Drama Mature Romance Smut

Can you fall in love with someone who is not your type? Especially the type you hate the most? Euntak, who has always dated small, pretty girls, falls in love at first sight with big, muscular Dojae. Apparently, Dojae figures it out from how Euntak is always making excuses to see him because he throws Euntak an unexpected offer: “Do you want to sleep with me? You like me.” It’s rude as hell, but Euntak can’t resist it. Will this careless affair evolve into a real relationship?

Ogus's LawChapter 142
Drama Shounen ai Supernatural Webtoons

Su Yuan, a poor student, in order to not place any additional burdens on his family, accidentally got himself enrolled into a college named, Ogus University. But soon he discovered that this institution was actually established for the protection of monsters (demons); and the physically weaker humans, in order to protect their lives, had to form partnerships—called PAL—with those monsters. Furthermore, as a result of his unique scent, many are drawn towards him in hopes of becoming his PAL; and at same time, he is also subjected to various attacks. That was, at least, until the day he rescued a fox covered in blood from head to toe, only to then discover…

Our Relationship Is...Chapter 115
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

Though we get closer, the gap that can't be crossed. Our uncertain relationship - warm like pastel colors, but unable to burn hotly like primary colors. This fall is the beginning of the campus couple that'll make your heart race.Original Comic: http://www.lezhin.com/en/comic/something_about_us

One Summer HunkChapter 39
Romance Smut

“You see that? Your juice is all over my fingers.” My swimsuit offers no protection as he pulls it aside and, trapped with no escape, he makes me come for the very first time… Ugh… I’m too weak to stand!

One of the Lewd DemonsChapter 97
Comedy Drama Romance Smut

On the way home from meeting her friend, Oh Hana meets 'Mama', a demon who feeds on human greed and lust. In order to avoid this devilish crisis, she asks for help from a suspicious man, Luxria, whom she meets by chance, but this man makes a dangerous proposal. "Do you want help? Then you should have sex with me."

Otherworldly Sword King's Survival RecordsChapter 215
Action Comedy Martial arts Webtoons

" You have been selected as the fittest"" With your talent, the survival rate [5%] in the Selha Latna is lower. ""Do you want to commit suicide? Y/N""X-"Less than a 5% chance of survival. 22 years. Countless battles with the demon dogs. In this hell; I'm surviving alone.Hidden behind level 5, together with the outrageous hidden stats! The extreme survival record of the strongest level 5 swordsman Ryu han bin who was thrown into this other world with just a sword.

OlgamiChapter 204

Taxi driver Chaeah once saw her acquaintance from the church, Park Yoonsoo, walking through the city streets with a girl, but she could not even think that this would lead to the burying of evidence of murder, persecution, and a complete change in her daily lifestyle.

ObscuraChapter 66
Drama Romance Smut Webtoons

Although they were long-time lovers, Jeonghan suddenly decided to one-sidedly break up with Kangwoo. Kangwoo wants to reconcile but Jeonghan remains unrelenting in his decision.Meanwhile, Gyutae, the owner of the studio where the two work, is shrouded with bad reputation, yet he appears to be strangely lenient with Jeonghan...It seems the two have been suspiciously close lately.But... can Jeonghan really be happy?

On the Emperors LapChapter 106
Drama Romance Webtoons

Little Bella, a war orphan who once trusted for survival; grows up carrying an abandonment wound. It’s a life without purpose, she’s the unseen, unheard, and a war slave. Kiris embraces Bella, a girl he once abandoned, now has been forgotten. Maybe it is too late when he’d found her again. Will she get over past hurts and believe in love again, when there is too much damage done?

Oshiete Kudasai Fujishima-sanChapter 32
Comedy Ecchi Romance Smut

"Could you please let me watch you masturbate!?" Romance novelist Rio's struggling to write a young adult erotic novel. From what her agent says, her writing "has no sex appeal"... After some careful deliberation, she begs Mr. Fujishima, a cute banker she just happened to meet, to let her interview him about his sexual encounters. Fujishima doesn't look happy... In fact, he never looks happy, and yet, he can't help indulging her and softening a little at her straightforward authenticity... Rio feels so grateful to Mr. Fujishima for agreeing to "show" her how to have sex!

One More TimeChapter 37
Drama Ecchi Romance Smut

Chae-yi ended up staying at the home of Gun-woo, a close friend who had eloped with his girlfriend to avoid a family custom. As she enjoyed her solitary hours, soaking in the bathtub watching the Manhattan night scene, she didn't know that a man was approaching her ... - "You approached Noh Jae-hyuk to jump into bed with him, didn't you?" - "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" - "Does that sound like a lie to you?"

One TakeChapter 49
Shounen ai Webtoons

Jang Seung-Min, a self-proclaimed decent actor, will be filming a drama with national actor Ha Hyun-je. Seung-Min becomes a fan of Ha Hyun-je, who has reached the top of his acting and acting skills.

Once MoreChapter 157
Comedy Romance

In senior high, they missed each other because of a misunderstanding. After graduating, they return to their alma mater as teachers, but — seven years have passed, and Yang Mu Li (two-faced match teacher) doesn't seem to recognize Xuan An (cold PE teacher)?! Though many things have remained the same, the people themselves have changed. Can the feelings that once died come back once more? Meanwhile, the secrets from their senior year of high is slowly revealing itself...

Ore no Jouwannitoukin, Ecchi namede Mitetadesho?Chapter 144
Mature Romance Smut

"It's wet here. This isn't just the pool water, is it?" Getting passionately caressed while hugged by the thick arms of a swimmer, I'm melting...!

Overgeared (Team Argo)Chapter 203
Action Shounen Webtoons

Young Woo Shin, Username: Grid. In the words best virtual reality game , bad luck always revolves around him. But he stumbled across a job during a quest, the strongest legendary job out of over 2 billion players!

Omae no Subete wo Daki TsukusuChapter 102
Romance Smut

"I'm already overflowing like this... I'll just shove it in." "Manager... more... I mean.. Ahh!" Kiyoko (33) a female banker, who was about to get married, suddenly got her engagement cancelled. It was an old enemy and Manager, Samejima, who consoled Kiyoko in her disappointment. We were getting drunk, and then I found myself in bed and getting really crazy... The hot and hard part of the Manager, who was difficult to get close to, stimulated Kiyoko's innermost body, and she enjoyed unbelievable pleasures. The next day, when I thought all of it was just a one night thing, the Manager declared, "I already registered our marriage." ?!!

Drama Ecchi Mature Smut

After 7 years of unrequited love towards Jung Eunkyung who was only interested in Park Kyutae, Park Hyungsoo started to have feelings for his older brother's wife. Besides Jung Eunkyung and Da Boyoung, Hyungsoo felt also attracted towards other women... His sisters-in-law... What choice will he make in a forbidden relationship where everything should be kept secret?

OUROBOROS:ウロボロスChapter 81
Adult Mature Romance Smut

Woo Hyung’s life has hit rock bottom. He’s traumatized after several days of being imprisoned and raped by his brother-in-law, an event that eventually left him both wifeless and jobless. His only way of coping is sex, and two very different men who can provide exactly that show up in his life. Caught between the two people who each drag him into their orbit, Hyung sinks deeper into obsession fueled by his trauma, and it seems like there’s no escape from his despair…or is there? This comic contains depictions of non-consensual sex and themes that some readers may find uncomfortable.

One more time sirChapter 20
Smut Yaoi

Hae-won, an ordinary college student who was run over by a task, accidentally tore off a man's shirt. To make matters worse, He buried his face in a spacious chest, Lin Hae-won! Yes? I said it was big. He's the Health Tre Enner? Hae-won, who just registered at the gym, is gone. No, can it be connected to Woojin?

One Step Forward to the Flower PathChapter 90
Drama Romance

I lived my whole life being used by other people and died at the age of 16. I thought it would be over like that, but when I opened my eyes again, I was back in the past. I thought I’d die while living the rest of my life in pain one more time. But suddenly, a father who I had never seen before appeared before me. My dad, who I didn’t even know existed. “When are you going to take away my powers?” Dante’s eyes shook greatly at Ivanna’s words. “Everyone did. You, when will you take it?” “…I won’t.” “Why?” Ivanna couldn’t understand. Everyone coveted her power. Everyone wanted it, saying she was a sacrifice sent by God for humans. So why does he refuse? “No one will take your power now. No one will bother you. I’ll protect you.” “You’re trying to take my power.” “I’m not.” “Everyone said that and stole my power from me. They locked me up in prison.” It was too cruel for a mere five-year-old to say. But the young Ivanna’s face had no emotion as if what she said was natural. Dante’s heart eventually collapsed when he saw his daughter completely shattered. (Taken from NU)

On my ownChapter 66
Shounen ai Webtoons

Genius chef and restaurant owner Heemin hates relying on others so much that he’s called “Mr. On My Own”. Being known as a no-fluff, values-over-looks guy is all good in the workplace, except it means he has to hide an integral part of who he is… The fact that he’s a diehard fan of the K-pop group, Emotion! To be specific, Heemin is obsessed with Jeong-woon, but at a meet-and-greet, one of the other members, Yiyeon, keeps chatting him up. There’s no room for another #1 in Heemin’s heart…or is there?

One-way CrushChapter 79
Drama Shounen ai Webtoons

"Please let me off, CEO!" The seductive bar singer in his embrace, is the bespectacled boy who had a one-sided love with him for years. He wouldn't want to meet this boy again, but this boy became his assistant on the second day?! He felt ridiculed... This boy in disguise, is it to avoid an old flame, or some other reason?

Ordinary daily life of an omegaverse guideChapter 63
Adult Mature Smut Webtoons

Coming soon by Luna Lust Scans

Ojou to Banken-kunChapter 43.5
Comedy Drama Romance

Senagaki Isaku will be a first year high school student starting in spring. Her grandfather is the third head of the Senagaki group, a yakuza organization, so she is feared by those around her. However, starting from spring, she hopes to make normal friends and normally fall in love. She is admitted into a high school further from her hometown, however, the overprotective young head of the Senagaki group, Utou Keiya, (26 years old) falsifies his age and enters the school with her through a backdoor admission...?! Keiya proclaims that love is too early for her although Isaku is perfectly ready. In truth, she has held an unrequited love for Keiya for quite some time.

Over the MoonChapter 68
Romance Smut Webtoons Yaoi

Ha-yoon works as a staff member of a film-making crew during the day and as one of the hosts at a gay club by night. Living a tough life day and night, Ha-yoon’s fate suddenly sees light when one day the very popular movie star Kwon Yi-an gets close to him. Two people between whom love slowly starts to blossom, they spend their pink days enjoying a thrilling secret relationship on the set...Will Ha-yoon be able to maintain a smooth relationship with Yi-an?

Ore no yubi de midarero. ~Heitengo no saron, ijiwaru niChapter 90
Drama Romance Smut

Every spot he touches with his fingers burn and throb... We secretly intertwine beside the sink for shampooing hair... If he does any more to me, I won’t be able to keep my voice down...!

Ore ni Sosogasete Kudasai. ~ Okute Succubus to Gochisou MiseinenChapter 36
Romance Smut Supernatural

"I'll teach you the pleasures of sex." He made me melt with his caresses... and I was satiated for the first time as a succubus.

Ookami-san to Watashi, tsugai no Okite: Yotogi Douwa: AkazukinChapter 18
Romance Smut Supernatural

[Soryo-Waku Manga Prize Winner!] "At last, I can finally gobble you up." As the tongue of her sworn enemy, the Big, Bad Wolf, travels over her body, Little Red Riding Hood is about to find out how many different ways there are to "eat" someone.

Outrageous PrincessChapter 203

She is the most respected daughter of prince Rong yet she is so timid and weak that every one can humiliate her. But a strong soul of a female killer from the modern time takes control of her body and everything begins to change…she takes revenge on those who bullied her not only because she is powerful enough but also that she has the most wealthy man at her back…

Of All Things, I Became A CrowChapter 107

After dying in an accident, she was reincarnated in an otome game. …As a Crow! I can’t believe that I am a crow! Not an extra character, but a crow! When I was looking for a person around me… The first person who appeared was the Crown Prince. “How could you be so lovely, Reinel?” “Cawk Cawk, Cawk! (Take me with you and raise me!)” The Crown Prince, Kamut, gave me a name and treated me with love. I’m just a crow anyway, there’d be no problem if I liked him or if my heart fluttered for him. There was no problem until… “Hello, Reinel?” “What is happening to me all of a sudden?”

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