Dear BenjaminChapter 46
Action Romance Webtoons Yaoi

Isaac is the owner of a small flowershop in San Diego visited by the famous arms dealer, Felix, late one night. The arms dealer ordered a flower bouquet and Isaac handed him a clumsily arranged one, but for some reason, Felix showed unusual interest towards Isaac. Felix, a man with a dangerous charm who visits the flower shop almost everyday, and florist Isaac, a man with a lot of secrets who acts indifferent... Will Felix ever discover what Isaac is hiding?

Madman ComboChapter 45
Webtoons Yaoi

“Pink Ddorai (Weirdo)” Lee Mongryong, is kidnapped by mysterious gangsters. Before this, his one and only older sister, ‘Hyeyeong’ was planning on introducing him to her to-be husband before she suddenly disappeared. Seok Jeha, the black-sheep second son of a gangster family, has come to dispose of Hyeyeong’s husband who has stolen company information. Stuck in a situation of chasing and being chased, being swept around by Mongryong, Jeha feels like he’s going crazy. But strangely, a corner of his hardened heart begins to melt…?

A Wonderful New WorldChapter 153
Drama Ecchi Smut Webtoons

Ho-Seung, an unpopular office worker who works for one of the largest corporations in Korea, is crouched over like a sinner because he was accused of setting up a camera in the women's bathroom. In the end, however, he was proven to be innocent. Then one day, he was suddenly notified of his reassignment by the team manager. It seemed that she was victorious, until...

Dream SignChapter 40.1
Romance Smut Webtoons Yaoi

Han Gyeom, an ordinary college student, for some reason has the ability to have lucid dreams the way he wants to, and the unrequited love’s partner, Leejoon, shares the same dream. At the same time that Leejoon dreams of the same dream, he got confused with his own identity, and he met him at the bar where he works. Leejoon, after knowing that they go to the same college, became curious about the relationship between the dreams and that man. So he offered to have a relationship...

The Ideal Saint? Too Bad, Here's the Fake Saint! ~Reincarnated as a Villain Derided as the Shitshow of the Year~Chapter 26

[The Eternal Scattering Flowers: Fiore Caduto Eterna] is a game ill-suited of being known as a galge, as the main heroine would regardless of the chosen route meet her demise.Fudou Niito, a resident of Japan, went to bed dissatisfied with the ending of the game. When he next awoke, he found himself in the body of the game's hated fake saint, Elrise.Confused, but with an understanding that Elrise's actions would spell disaster for many lives in the future, he took advantage of the situation and acted to change the course of history.As a result, despite her rotten personality, Elrise was adored by those around her as a perfect saint. Furthermore, the game itself was intrinsically linked to his original world and changed accordingly to suit Elrise's actions. Without any knowledge of what the hell was going on, the fake saint Elrise continued to alter her fate.A saint on the outside, but a man on the inside.The transmigrator was a piece of shit and the person he transmigrated into was also a piece of shit. A combination of shit and shit would cause an accident to create the greatest fake saint shitshow of the year!

Life on a Deserted Island with an Enemy Female SoldierChapter 10
Comedy Ecchi Romance

Two soldiers speaking different languages land on a deserted island, they will have to live together to survive...

Time Limited Elixir of the Fallen SegaChapter 31

Read Time Limited Elixir of the Fallen Sega manhwaAfter seven years of dormancy, "Ryeon," the young version of Danmok Ryan who returned after witnessing his death, wakes up. Suddenly, a strange message appears before her: "Keep the life force level below 50. If this condition persists for two months or more, it will lead to death." Unable to build her abilities, "Ryeon" must rid herself of the life force accumulating in her body. Meanwhile, "Chin Hwa Reonya," the young future head of the Machin Temple, confronts her, wondering why he serves in her household and is two years younger than her. Additionally, the chicken turns into a hawk, and the cat into a bakho. With a series of unexpected surprises, can "Ryeon" live a happy life in this new existence?The Time-Limited Elixir of the Ruined Clan,

Mysterious VillageChapter 19
Action Horror

They didn't seem happy to have a stranger visit them, they were more than ready for it. From that day on, the villagers disappeared day by day. myeong visits gwichon ri village and hides in his grandmother's empty house, but finds it strangely clean. His grandmother died three years ago, was it an accident or does it have something to do with the village?

Power StudentsChapter 17
Action Comedy

Hong-ik is a very timid and shy boy that he wants no attention to draw near to him no wonder he has no friends at all, but despite that situation, he discovers that he has power beyond his wildest imagination. What will he do now that he enters a school like no other, A school where every single person possesses powers as well?

A scary boss, but from now on she's going to be happier and happier.Chapter 5.5
Comedy Drama Romance

My boss is very scary, but from now on I will do my best to make her happier.

Kekkon Suru tte Itta Yone?Chapter 4
Comedy Romance

The main character, who promised to get married when he turned 18, looked at his family and realized "marriage is hell," but it was already too late. His childhood friend has grown up into a super duper nutjob woman he can't escape from?!

Record of Kyushu Immortals and DemonsChapter 4
Action Drama Martial arts Supernatural

The human masters have fallen, and the demons have invaded the world.

One RoofChapter 2
Drama Romance

When Simon woke up, he heard the sound of someone's snoring. He checked his surroundings, thinking someone had infiltrated his room. He noticed that it was his childhood friend, Emily. Neither of them understood how the other got into their room. What they knew was that they were stuck with each other, unable to go far from one another. Their previously normal life was soon distorted, their very lives linked together.One Roof manhwa