Checkmate(TAN)Chapter 114
Adult Comedy Drama Mature

Soohyun doesn’t have a “first love,” but he definitely has a “first hate” - his high school classmate Eunsung. A smooth-mannered all-star, Eunsung snaps up first place in everything, leaving Soohyun always trailing behind in second place. Winning out over Eunsung is the one thing that motivates Soohyun, but after graduation, Soohyun contents himself with a dull, mediocre life. One day, Eunsung appears on the news, knee-deep in scandal and, for once, not perfectly at Soohyun’s inner fires once again. Desperate to see a fallen Eunsung with his own eyes, Soohyun jumps into the fray as a reporter, and gets Eunsung to strike an outrageous deal with him.

Monday'saviourChapter 28
Adult Mature Shounen Smut

Won yo-il, who was bullied every Monday because of his Waggle name, is afraid of Mondays. At the center of the bullying was his best friend, and Yo-il, who had been wandering after dropping out. To a great shock he returns to a new high school.

Shokuba to Jitaku de Gyappu no Aru PapaChapter 20

A father who is cool and unapproachable at work becomes completely devoted to his beloved wife and child when he returns home! A full-color comic with a lot of new illustrations!

Writing HellChapter 32
Adult Mature Webtoons

"How does it feel to date your own student's father? A thrill of course." It all began as a muse search for writing her new novel. Maria encounters Toby, a students who just confess his feelings before, while Maria just got out of a room after having sex with Toby's father. How will this story go? Will Maria ever survive this situation? Will Toby ever get to have a romantic encounter with Maria?

I’m In Trouble Because My Husband Is So CuteChapter 71
Action Drama Romance Webtoons

‘I was sad just for being reincarnated with a dirt spoon, and now you’re telling me I also have to marry because of a debt?’ Not just that, but the person who will be my husband is the Heir Apparent of Duke Hessenweitz, the monster from all those horrifying rumors! “A monster doesn’t deserve good treatment.” However, in the castle of the duke, I saw my young husband being abused for being a monster. I felt pity for my young husband and since he was more like a younger brother to me, I tried to be a little nicer to him… “You are my miracle and my salvation.” Only… I didn’t expect this kind of reaction at all? And not just that… “If I had a daughter who resembles my wife, she would be like you!” No, why are you doing this to me? Even the father-in-law who had a bad temper? Can I survive this duke’s castle safely? Taken from Novel Updates.

Tensei Shitara dai Nana Ouji dattanode, Kimamani Majutsu o KiwamemasuChapter 174
Comedy Ecchi

"I want to master magic ...!" The man who died with only one desire in his heart reincarnated as the seventh prince of the country of Salroom with the memory of his life! Unlike the previous life, which was just a commoner, there is a surplus of money! Time you can't use up! And above all, a spellbook that can't be read! !! The name of the prince who became the overwhelming winner of the life buff Morimori called "too thick parents' house" is Lloyd. From becoming a novelist, a high-speed rising fantasy! !! * "Become a novelist" is a registered trademark of Hina Project Co., Ltd. ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: 「魔術を極めたい…!」たった一つの願望を胸に死んだ男は、生前の記憶を持ったままサルーム国の第七王子として転生を果たした!ただの庶民だった前世と違い、有り余る金!使いきれぬ時間!そしてなにより読み切れない魔導書!!”太すぎる実家”という人生バフもりもりの圧倒的勝ち組となった王子の名はロイド。小説家になろう発、ハイスピード成り上がりファンタジー!! ※「小説家になろう」は株式会社ヒナプロジェクトの登録商標です

Breathless (Official)Chapter 95
Drama Romance Shounen ai Supernatural

Uh-oh, River is in love with his oblivious best friend Sea... will he confess to him during their grad trip? Perhaps... But little does River know that true danger lurks below still waters, waiting for him. Freediving deep underwater, he spots a mysterious stranger chained to a ship at the bottom of the ocean. As local lore goes, vampires once roamed the lands until a bloody event changed everything. Is River hallucinating? And just what is real? Take a deep breath... and dive in.

The Invicible Princess Is Bored Again TodayChapter 69
Drama Romance Webtoons


The Girlfriend ProjectChapter 50
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

When Julia’s scholarship is cut, she’s out of options. A surprise rescue comes when her project partner Ryn offers to pay Julia to pretend to be her girlfriend for the holidays. One problem: Ryn is quite possibly the weirdest person Julia knows. On top of that, Ryn’s filthy rich family snubs black sheep like Ryn and working-class people like Julia. As Julia works to win the hearts of Ryn’s family, she realizes it could be more than her pride on the line: Her own heart may be in jeopardy, too.

The Words In Your Snare {Age 16+}Chapter 82
Adult Mature Romance Yaoi

The main character has the ability to read other people's thoughts and feelings as written text. But for the first time in his life, a man whose thoughts and feelings that he couldn't see appeared. This is the beginning of a mysterious relationship between 2 men who are intensely attracted to each other.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between A Rabbit And A Black PantherChapter 23
Action Comedy Drama Romance

I was a rabbit shapeshifter who couldn’t even transform into a human by my coming of age ceremony. My family said that I was just a halfling and placed me in a basket… “You’re crying? Go on, cry more.” Then I was then picked up by a black panther with an awful personality. “You’re lacking in stamina. I’ll eat you the day after tomorrow, so keep trying.” This fierce beast. Staring at my trembling face, the black panther’s eyes glistened. “How thrilling.” Mom, I think he’s crazy! To survive a fairly crazy black panther. “The wild beasts are possessive, no matter what it is.” ….Is it possible?

I Gave Birth to a Villain's ChildChapter 39
Drama Romance Webtoons

Karine, daughter of Viscount Tyrian, spends the night with a handsome man and gives birth to a son, Nitense. Her father, who had wanted to sell her off into marriage, decides she has lost her worth, abuses her, and finally sells her to the Grand Duke, a man rumored to be a horrible killer and monster, who is seeking a wife. Karine becomes hopelessly depressed and loses all will to live, but is surprised to discover that the rumored murderer she must marry is the man she spent the night with. The Grand Duke, however, does not know Karine's face, yet feels attracted to this sad woman and cute child for some reason.

I’m Worried that My Brother is Too GentleChapter 89
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

“Your Highness! The papers have piled up like this……!” I reincarnated as Irene Weber, the younger sister of an aide who is suffering from overtime because of the prince who is in love and neglects his work. Irene, who was buried in work before the reincarnation and died of overwork, intends to protect her beloved brother from such a terrible thing. No overtime! No call after work! Evil boss, go away! Work less and earn more, brother! To the end, Irene tries to separate the prince from her brother. A method to win by knowing your enemy and knowing yourself. Irene scraps a little record without leaving any details, of the Prince whose face she doesn’t even know about, for the future. Somehow, her brother’s face, looking at such Irene, is dark…… “Brother, if you’re meeting the Crown Prince today, I’ll go with…..” “Absolutely not.” ‘Do you want to meet him alone so much?’ *** “Before that, Benjamin Weber, when can I meet your sister?” “Not for the rest of your life.” The most affectionate brother and sister of the continent. Will the day come when these two siblings can resolve their growing misunderstanding? [Taken from Novel Updates]

Obaka na Omega wo HaramasetaiChapter 6
Romance Shounen ai Smut Yaoi

Souta is a brilliant and handsome but disingenuous alpha and is in love with Haruto, his childhood friend. He doesn't want anyone else to have him and wants to start a family with him one day. He lies to his very innocent and gullible friend and sleeps with him every night to mark his territory. But one day, they have a fight because Haruto finds out that Souta has been lying!

Pregnancy VillageChapter 9
Mature Romance Smut

Her virginity is stolen as the villagers watch them, he repeatedly pumps himself into her sensitive insides… She'll get pregnant this way…!!

monday's saviorChapter 28
Romance Yaoi

Won yo-il, who was bullied every Monday because of his name that means, “is afraid of Mondays.” At the center of the bullying was his best friend, and Yo-il, who had been wandering after dropping out. To a great shock he returns to a new high school.

My High School RomanceChapter 106
Drama Romance Webtoons

Don't date my brother; date me. Seunghyun hates losing, and so does Yujin. Afraid of losing his brother to Yujin, Seunghyun asks him out. And Yujin, wanting to make Seunghyun suffer, accepts. What could possibly go wrong? More importantly, who's gonna win?!

Whispers of the true kingChapter 54
Action Drama Webtoons

Who is the most powerful man? The ruler? Or the one he listens to? A fantasy-action story inspired by the King Arthur legends, the newest Grande Merle (Merlin inheritor) seeks to shake the status quo and ensure the Arth’s (Arthur inheritor) seat is no longer one of a puppet ruler.

Hidden Love: can't be concealedChapter 110
Comedy Romance

That year, Sang Zhi’s heart was secretly filled with the figure of a man. She fell in love with her brother’s friend, Duan Jiaxu. This big brother had beautiful peach blossom eyes and casually referred to her as “little kid”. Their first stunning meeting always left Sang Zhi unable to help wanting to get closer to him. However, the 7 years of age difference between them seemed like it was an insurmountable gap for them. Unknowingly, the seeds of secret love she had buried in her heart began to sprout, and slowly, it also spread into his heart….

A Contractual Couple AgainChapter 102
Drama Romance Webtoons

Gun-ha and Seo-yeon were strongly attracted to each other, but because they lived completely different lives their marriage ended short and eventually they chose to divorce. Four years later, Gun-ha proposes to Seo-yeon again to be a 'contract couple'. "Please marry me again. This time, we'll stay as an ordinary couple."

The Princess' Doll ShopChapter 68
Romance Webtoons

The beautiful imperial princess of the Brizina Empire, Kasia Miro del Brizina, is rumoured to be a witch, but she just has one tiny wish. To open a doll shop. In order to make it a reality, she calls in the favor of her stepbrother, Emperor Deon. “There is this small thing I want to do, but I need to leave the palace.” “… Leave the palace, you say?” asked Deon nervously. Somehow, he displayed a bigger reaction to her leaving the palace compared to when Kasia asked for a country before. Kasia, blinded by the joy of her wish coming true, did not notice. She looked at Deon with sparkling eyes, as if to press him to ask more details. “What is it that you want to do?” As soon as he asked, the young girl, who would become the prettiest woman of the empire, smiled brightly and shouted: “A doll shop!”

Beauty in a click (eng ver)Chapter 1
Romance Webtoons

A devil appeared in front of me who was suffering because of my ugly appearance! Is it possible for me to become beautiful in just one click? CUTE, SEXY, PURE AND LUXURY! I can change into anything! I thought I would become happy, but… it's obvious it's not that easy.

Totem's Realm (uncensored)Chapter 12
Adult Mature Romance Smut

Sera, an ordinary office worker ends up in the mysterious world of a primitive tribe. An unknown and sexy beastman rescues her from the threat of the primitive tribe. After a while, an unknown ability germinates in Seras body... What will be her destiny?

[Adult BL Shorts] Dagong IksonChapter 12
Adult Mature Smut Webtoons

A compilation of short stories featuring 3p or 4p.

Melody of the DeadwoodChapter 95
Drama Romance Webtoons

"Living isn't fun anymore." So I decided to die. But before I could leave, in the last moments of my life... "Should we make life fun for you?" The Vina people appeared in front of me. They asked me to live. They told me if I died, they'll die as well. Do they want to live for eternity? "We'll make you happy. So, don't die yet." "If you pledge to be one of us, you can have all the money you'll ever need for the rest of your life." "Love, just talk to us. What do you need?" "You can tell us everything you desire.

WEE!!! { English Version }Chapter 94
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

When you miss school and meeting your friends, you can follow along on Amu's daily school life! Together along with her friends that does weird and stupid things, they together go through high school filled with happiness, sadness, and love!

I Might Have Too Many Husbands (OFFICIAL)Chapter 71
Comedy Romance

She transmigrated into a world where women rule supreme. Upon arrival, she is greeted by four vivacious husbands, this convinces her that she is be the choice of heaven.But wait, why are her husbands trying to kill her?

CampingChapter 94
Adult Smut Yaoi


Return for Revenge (Official)Chapter 242
Drama Romance

When Empress Sawol was pregnant with the Emperor's child, she loses all of her loved ones and then is sentenced to death by the Emperor and her little sister, who became the imperial consort. After her death, she magically gets another chance to relive her life. Will Sawol do the right thing when faced with her past mistakes and save herself and her family? And will she be able to take on revenge against the malicious Emperor and her sister?

Black Blood {Official Mature}Chapter 95
Action Adult Mature Smut

A year after his mentor's untimely passing, homicide detective, Han Jin Soo, seeks the truth. The more he pries into his death, the deeper Han gets entangled into a web of conspiracy. Once he and his colleague, Reed, meet the mob boss’ Hitman, Clay, and the seemingly passive exotic dancer, Theo, Han’s world really begins to change…

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet (Official)Chapter 306
Comedy Drama Romance

"How perverted is Si Ye Han's taste? He still wants me like this?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror: explosive wig, tattoos, and demon-like makeup. Any normal person’s eyes would burn if they looked at her for more than a second. Before her rebirth, she was in love with a different guy, so all she wanted to do was escape from Si Ye Han and hated him to his core after being locked up by him. After her rebirth, she looked differently at him, thinking that maybe he changed for the better? In the past, her mind was muddled. She let go of a stunning husband, was hurt by a scumbag and backstabber and most of all, was brainwashed by her most trusted friend. In the end, she was utterly alone. In her current lifetime, there are evil people scheming and eagerly waiting for her downfall. Sorry, but this girl won't fall for the same tricks twice!

2ha/ Dumb Husky and his White Cat ShizunChapter 72
Action Martial arts Romance Yaoi

Emperor of the cultivation world Mo Weiyu deceived elders and slaughtered ancestors and committed all crimes and sins known to man. After ending his own life, he was reborn and transmigrated to the year he first became a disciple. In the shell of a boy held an old and weary soul. After coming back to life, truth after truth that had been hidden below the surface in the previous life floated to the top and broke through the waters one after the other. Of all revelations, the one that stunned him the most was that the Shizun he had hated to the bone in his previous life had always been protecting him from the shadows... The heart of a man can change; even demons and monsters can become compassionate and do good. Only, he had sinned deeply. Can the blood on his hands ever be cleansed?

The Villainess Needs a Tyrant (sfx included!)Chapter 20
Drama Romance Webtoons

Just now, I stole the lips of a man who is notorious as a tyrant. In front of my younger cousin, Arinel, who stole everything I had in my previous life. *** “Why did you kiss me?” “Because my younger cousin loves you, Your Majesty.” “Is that so?” His arms wrapped around my waist. The distance that was formed vanished in an instance. The cold-blooded, powerful man’s smile filled my view. “Open your lips. If you are going to do it, then do it properly.”

The Fox’s TrapChapter 67
Comedy Drama Romance

Human girl Chi Yan has a nightmare of a fox everyday, and this life was no exception. One day, she meets a real fox demon. Nine tailed fox Yin Ran only has eight tails. In order to get back the tail bounded to Chi Yan, one of her wishes needs to be fulfilled. The girl, however, has no wishes and only wants to get rid of him. The bad fox, in response, messes up her life. A charming face appeared in front of the girl, “Would you like to make a wish now?”

Hyung, do you think i'm fat?Chapter 26
Adult Mature Romance Smut

"This pig XX is Seo Jung-won's new boyfriend?" Hyesung, who secretly came to pick up his drunken older boyfriend, Jung-won, heard his colleagues talk behind his back. Hyesung decides to go on a diet without informing his boyfriend. But he doesn't know. How much his boyfriend loves the thick, large body of his....

The Demon King's ChampionChapter 66
Action Comedy Shounen

Once a hardcore gamer, 75 is now a full-fledged hero inside his favorite game! After one too many all-nighters, he dies of a heart attack at his computer but finds himself reborn in the middle of a boss fight. Unequipped and lacking the skills to survive on his own, 75 uses his smarts to convince Devo the Demon King to take him under his wing. Now 75 is on an epic quest to help the Demon King stay in power! To get there, 75 has to level up and conquer all his enemies, but if he doesn’t, this might just be his last life...

Beware or Be Bitten!Chapter 63
Action Comedy Drama Webtoons

By some sort of fate, exorcist Xiao Yu is forced to "cohabitate" with the succubus named Obsidian, who killed her adoptive father. Yet she discovers that the succubus seems to have lost her memories! Unaccepting of this fact, Xiao Yu decides to spy on Obsidian's every move, yet the latter doesn't seem bothered by the least. Instead, she starts to thirst after Xiao Yu openly and often teases her body to satiate her own hunger... Although they seem to have a love-hate relationship, they both know that something is stirring beneath the depths. Why her adoptive father was killed, why Obsidian's memory was sealed away, and...

Born As The Daughter of the Villainess [ Sugar Babies ]Chapter 25
Romance Webtoons

I was born as the daughter of a wicked woman in a novel. At birth, my mother had already been exposed to her evil deeds and was confined to the spire, and would soon face a miserable death in the hand of the main characters. I looked at my mother, who was still searching for her ex-husband until the moment she died and held her hands. My little hand got tangled with my mother’s rough hand and her eyes full of warmth turned to me. “I understand Mom.” “….” “Don’t suffer anymore, sleep tight.” Don’t wait for the dad who won’t come. Tears fell from my mother’s eyes at my words, and soon she fell asleep peacefully. Since the novel’s “Wicked Woman” is now dead, her daughter, I will be beaten to death by people tomorrow night. And the second part of the novel will begin. A warm novel in which the daughter of the main characters begins her adventure full of happiness. But I didn’t want to die, and I had no intention of letting the story flow that way. “It’s okay to be mean.” I decided to completely re-write the second part of the novel because it’s a life that may be killed anytime anyway. [Taken from NovelUpdates]

Senwaku Porno (Yaoi) mangaChapter 6
Smut Yaoi

The top star in the adult movie industry, Takumi, is proud of the fact he's a professional and can get it up no matter who he his partner is. Lately, the movie producers' requests have become very hardcore, and his new video is an all-boys' night of fun with the top model and a cross-dresser. Takumi isn't sure about filming the video... but doing it with the model Kai actually feels pretty good. Just as Takumi is filled with regret when he loses himself while filming, Kai asks him if he would be willing to pretend to be his boyfriend...

Wasn't the Male Lead a Female?Chapter 44
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

Ainne lived for eight years without even knowing which novel she was trapped in. Then one day, a knight came looking for me and she realised which novel she was in. Actually, this guy is a woman?! The heroine who's dressing up as a man, taking the place of her brother?! If that's the case, she'll become friends with the heroine and live a comfortable life! But she felt that the heroine was acting a little strangely... She didn't know that the heroine was actually truly a man! She's already too deep into the friendship, what should she do now? "Do I really look like a woman?"

Deadly NightshadeChapter 31.3
Adult Mature Romance Smut

Once a queen, now an assassin. Burned and cursed, she rose from the ashes of her fallen kingdom to exact revenge on those who betrayed her. No one was spared, not even the former allies who had turned their backs on her in her time of need. But her quest for vengeance isn't over yet. With just one target left—the powerful Lord of the Winter Court—she faces her most dangerous adversary yet. He is handsome, charismatic, and cunning, and she finds herself drawn to him despite her burning hatred. Will she be able to resist his seductive charms and complete her mission, or will her blackened heart be conquered by the very man she seeks to destroy?

The Live (Official)Chapter 176
Action Drama Horror Webtoons

Only I know the future in this game. Yoonjae leads an empty life after his wife and daughter are brutally murdered. One day, his journal reveals one mysterious sentence: “You can see them again.” Yoonjae is pulled into a parallel universe where everyone is a player in a lethal game, and the final survivor will be granted any wish. Desperate to be reunited with his family, will Yoonjae succeed in fighting his way in this hellish world to be the last one standing?

Return for RevengeChapter 20
Drama Romance

When Empress Sawol was pregnant with the Emperor's child, she loses all of her loved ones and then is sentenced to death by the Emperor and her little sister, who became the imperial consort. After her death, she magically gets another chance to relive her life. Will Sawol do the right thing when faced with her past mistakes and save herself and her family? And will she be able to take on revenge against the malicious Emperor and her sister?

I Will Politely Decline The Male Lead [ Sugar Babies ]Chapter 17
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

She was possessed as a villain in a novel in which she was miserably executed. I’ve tried everything to avoid the death flags, but in the end, only death surfaced. On the day of the third regression, I made up my mind. Let’s just live! “I’ll die if I live like this, and I’ll be killed if I live like that!” But was it because it had come too far from the original? The main characters’ interest in the original Female Lead seems to be directed at me somehow…? [Taken from NovelUpdates]

When The Count’s Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married [ Sugar Babies ]Chapter 27
Drama Romance Webtoons

“Dirty wench! You stole my necklace!” “Unless I knew where your necklace was, I wouldn’t have been able to take it.” As an illegitimate child, Laritte’s biggest sin was being born. In the year she became an adult, she was sent to marry the ghost duke who was rumored to be dead. Her miserable life seemed to get worse and worse, however… Her life changed when the duke came back alive. “Madam, how do you like it?” Kind servants, “You have enough luxury to buy some residences in the capital.” “…no one will be able to look down on you anymore.” And the empire’s devoted and murderous duke. It was already too late for those who tormented Laritte to regret it. [Taken from NovelUpdates]

Timing [Official]Chapter 41
Action Comedy Shounen ai

“So you’re that gay guy, huh?” Stefan has flown all the way to Texas for his best friend, Charlotte’s four-day wedding extravaganza! Unfortunately for him, that also means spending time with his nemesis of 10 years — Charlotte’s brother, Rand. But why is Rand acting so nice? Something strange is going on…

The Moon on a Rainy NightChapter 20

One day, just before entering high school, Kindaichi Saki collides with a strange girl of the same year on the way to a piano lesson and grazes her hand, but the musical score she dropped is silently picked up and returned to her by the strange girl. Saki reunites with the impressive girl as a classmate and finds out that her name is Oikawa Kanon and that she is deaf. At school, Saki, who is lonely, tries to understand the sound of Kanon, who keeps a distance from her surroundings due to her disability, and her attitude gradually begins to change.

Salvos (A Monster Evolution LitRPG) [Official]Chapter 37
Action Comedy Drama Shounen

The Netherworld: A world inhabited only by Demons, creatures born from the dark abyss. For Salvos, a curious newborn Demon with a penchant for making friends, surviving this hellish landscape was always going to be a difficult task. And when her companion's life is threatened by a mysterious Demon King, she'll have to adapt, gain experience, and evolve to do what it takes to save him. Even if it means separating from him and being tossed into an unfamiliar world with Humans, monsters, and a bright blue sky where she is scorned for being born a Demon. After all, the law of evolution is survival of the fittest, and Salvos will survive.

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