Turn off the camera!

Escena XXX,¡Apaga la cámara!,新感覚!XXバラエティ,체험! XX의 현장

Authors : Kang unnie, Misspm

Status : Completed

Genres : Adult , Full Color , Manhwa , Mature , Music , Smut , Yaoi

Chapters: 99

Last update: 1 year ago

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Yeon Jihoon is the leader of an idol group that’s hit a dead-end in their career. Now, he’s received a golden opportunity to save his group: a spot on the year’s most anticipated reality show, where he’ll spend two weeks living and filming with top stars Do Yoojin and Seon Yohan. The one threat to the show’s success? Yoojin and Yohan won’t stop having sex with each other. To stop a scandal from tanking the show and his career, Jihoon must keep his co-stars’ antics hidden from the cameras at all costs. Will Jihoon be able to keep these steamy shenanigans a secret for two weeks? And will he survive when both of his co-stars turn their attention on him?