Painter of the NightChapter 130 HOT
Drama Mature Romance Smut

Na-kyum is a young painter with an exceptional talent: creating erotic images of men. Though he has published a few collections under a pseudonym, he has decided to quit painting. Then Seungho, a young nobleman, barges into his life. A hell-raiser notorious for his insatiable lust, Seungho forces Na-kyum to become his private painter. However, the nights that await Na-kyum are beyond anything he could have imagined…

JinxChapter 54.5 HOT
Drama Mature Romance Smut

Physical therapist Kim Dan has been down on his luck for as long as he can remember. Between an ailing grandmother, menacing loansharks, and an old boss making it almost impossible for him to find work, Dan is truly running out of options. Naturally, it feels like a dream come true when he’s finally hired to treat top-paid MMA fighter Joo Jaekyung, especially when the man then calls him out for a treatment the night before a match with an oh-so-tantalizing offer of five thousand dollars. He claims to have a “jinx” in need of a particular type of “treatment, but its one that Dan isn quite prepared to offer… You see, Jaekyung may be a beast in the ring, but he’s even rougher in the bedroom, and Dan’s not sure he can survive Jaekyung at his most primal. Nevertheless, the promise of much-needed cash has Dan agreeing to this ill-fated deal... Could a night together be the thing to help Jaekyung break this jinx once and for all?

Can't Think StraightChapter 65
Comedy Drama Mature Romance

Han Garam’s roomate is rude, inconsiderate, and…okay, totally his type. But after overhearing him talking about how much he hates gay people, Garam knows he needs to seek revenge, and what better way than by getting off to gay porn in the other man’s bed! It would have been the perfect plan, if only he hadn’t been caught in the act by the raging homophobe himself, Yoon Jaehyuk. Jaehyuk is disgusted by what he sees but, with the RA refusing to let him switch, he has no choice but to try and force Garam to move out himself. An achievable goal, it seems, until one unexpected night of passion throws Jaehyuk’s world into disarray. Sure, he definitely still wants Garam to leave, but…why can’t he stop thinking about it?!

Roses and ChampagneChapter 89 HOT
Action Adult Drama Mature

Lee Won, who works as a poor lawyer in Russia, visits City Councilor Zdanov, who is in conflict over Nikolai's commission, and there he meets the mafia boss, Caesar. Behind City Councilor Zdanov, there was a mafia involved. The meeting between the two is extraordinary.

Lost in the CloudChapter 107
Drama Mature Romance Webtoons

Hanuel, whose hobby is collecting pictures of his unrequited love, Chanil. However, he was caught by Hyunwoon, the head of the same class, by mistake. The sky is good and expects that Hyunwoon, a good student, will keep her secret... But, for some reason, it seems that Hyunwoon is playing in the hand...?

Under the Green LightChapter 64 HOT
Adult Drama Mature Webtoons

“… I want to engrave you. In a form that never changes... .” A city full of high-rise buildings, Matthew Raynor, a sculptural student who lives in a disconnected relationship. Jin feels fate and makes a model proposal, but contrary to his intentions, the relationship between the two is gradually twisting... . Jin Cheong-woo, a Shinhaepa executive who swallows pains that seem to be cut off in a cruel world stained with dirty money and betrayal. Matthew, who approached him by himself, gives him another pleasure... . “However, there are conditions. First, you obey my words unconditionally.” The story of a man who built a wall with the world, a man who looked at the world in a funny way, and two men hiding different desires begins.

Full VolumeChapter 128.5 HOT
Comedy Drama Mature Smut

Dowon has a problem. His neighbor, Beom, seems awfully rude, but he’s infuriatingly gorgeous. And the completely ridiculous cherry on top? Beom turns out to be Dowon’s all-time favorite camboy, which only adds to the (sexual) frustration. Beom is a metaphorical pain in Dowon’s ass, and Dowon would like to return the favor physically, thank you very much. So, Dowon has a problem—in his pants. The question is, how is he going to solve it? You’ll find out the answer if you crank the volume up, and watch very, very closely…

Minmotion SyndromeChapter 72
Adult Drama Mature Smut

“I’ll repay that 450 thousand for you…but in exchange, you’re mine.” Due to the debt left behind by his father, alpha Seo Taeyoon is at the mercy of Park Jae-in, a mob boss with a penchant for violence. But when Taeyoon is able to identify Jae-in as an omega by scent alone, the ruthless criminal is taken aback – because nobody should be able to smell his pheromones. Seeing this as his opportunity to regain what once was lost, Jae-in offers to pay off Taeyoon’s father’s loan in exchange for a life of servitude. Now Jae-in holds the key to both the physical and metaphorical locks around Taeyoon’s neck. And so begins their relationship as master and slave...but there's no telling how it will end.

Stranger Than FriendsChapter 82 HOT
Comedy Drama Mature Romance

Yi-hyeok and Inseo have been friends for their entire lives. It’s something they take for granted. Just like the sky is blue and water is wet, the two of them are lifelong buddies. Or, well, that’s what they think right up until the moment Inseo kisses Yi-hyeok as a joke that turns into something more, sparking a whole new scorchingly hot relationship between them. It might be pretty funny, really steamy, and a little strange...but they’re still friends. Right? …Right?!

Unfinished RelationshipChapter 40
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Han Ji-chan lived a life as a member of an organization with nothing he wanted to do or want. Ji-chan, who was suffering from a power struggle within the company, meets Eugene, an executive at a famous pharmaceutical company. You are offered a suspicious deal. However, Eugene, who suddenly changes his mind, is administered an unknown drug and loses consciousness... When I open my eyes, a sensation I have never felt before takes over my body. “Have you ever been sold?” "what… ” “That can’t be possible. But it will be different now. you are… “As of today, I have become an omega.”

Love in OrbitChapter 42
Drama Mature Romance Smut

Some people win the lottery or find their dream job, but Sohan…has an alien spaceship land on his brand-new house?! To make matters even worse, there’s an – admittedly sexy – alien inside threatening to wipe out the entire population. Sihwa has come to earth in search of someone specific and has no qualms about using Sohan to get what he wants. The thing is, things work differently on Sihwa’s home planet, and he seems to be expecting things from Sohan that sound downright impossible! Nevertheless, Sohan finds himself making a deal: help Sihwa find the person he’s looking for in exchange for the safety of humanity. But will this strange partnership turn into something…out of this world?

POV! Magic Mirror TruckChapter 3
Adult Mature Smut Yaoi

What happens when a straight guy with a girlfriend is offered money to be a test subject for sex toys? "My nipples don't usually get stimulated like this..." Yushin's never played with himself with toys before, much less had a sexual experience with another man...but all that is about to change in the magic mirror truck! Will he be able to return to his girlfriend afterwards like nothing ever happened, or choose the path of homosexual pleasure?

Low Tide in Twilight「Official」Chapter 85 HOT
Drama Mature Romance Smut

Kim Euihyun has decided he doesn’t want to live. He feels nothing anymore. He has no future to look forward to. Now, he’s looking into the abyss, holding in his arms the only thing that was keeping him alive. It’ll all be over soon. But someone grabs him from the water’s edge, and pulls him from the darkness. Euihyun, whose sole possession is a mountain of debt, has been rescued by Taeju. Now Taeju has offered Euihyun money, a house, and a job to help him out of his mess. But what will Taeju, who is intoxicated by Euihyun’s smell, ask for in return? Could Taeju be the person that finally brings Euihyun out of his eternal twilight…?

BacklightChapter 26
Drama Mature Romance Smut

A life in the spotlight is a dream for many…but it’s behind the scenes where the real drama takes place. Baek Yeongwoon plays manager for Seo Hae-yool, an up-and-coming actor at All One Pictures with a secret: his success is fuelled by an industry “sponsor” who loves more than just his talent. So when a love affair between the young star and a mysterious figure threatens the livelihood of their company, it is up to Yeongwoon to track his client down and put an end to their risky romp. But the truth may be too much for him to bear, as the other party turns out to be top model - and Yeongwoon’s first love - Han Seo-in. As Yeongwoon struggles to reconcile his unresolved feelings for Seo-in with his sense of duty toward his work, the two fall into a intricate web woven of unanswered questions and lingering emotions that changes the trajectory of their lives forever...

Legs That Won't WalkChapter 116
Drama Mature Romance Webtoons

"Do you want to live at the bottom while working like a dog? Or come under me to pay off your debt?" Suyeong, a former boxer who retired due to a leg injury, was held up by Taesung, a private moneylender, to pay off his father's debt which he didn't even know about. But Taesung seems interested in Suyeong's tenacious figure... Will Taesung's offer be a new bridge for Suyeong? Or another hell?

The Duke Wants To Have A SuccessorChapter 13
Adult Mature Smut Yaoi

Duke Raynall Horn Penny Caesar, the hero of the Empire and the man called the Emperor’s Sword.<b He had one secret and that was It is the body of a positive manger! Even though she takes a sabbatical year and tries to have an heir, she cannot get pregnant with most XXs.<br> Will Raynal and his mistresses be able to find the right Mr. Lee?!

My Jumbo Babe (Official)Chapter 8
Adult Drama Mature Romance

“That chubby dude will never know what he’s in for.” Hyesung happened to eavesdrop on a conversation amongst his boyfriend’s classmates. But does that mean Hyesung’s fashion design major boyfriend, Jungwon, will eventually move on to skinnier pastures? He can’t let that happen! Hyesung is determined to lose weight and keep his lover. If only he knew that Jungwon actually loves him exactly the way he is…

Cozy Obsession [Official]Chapter 7
Adult Comedy Drama Mature

Huimin Seo happened to read a tragic BL novel where the two main characters had both his name and even his best friend’s name, Iheon Cha. But rather than remaining as an incredible coincidence, this book becomes a new reality for Huimin. Before he knows it, he is transmigrated right into a major scene in the novel where Huimin Seo, a rare dominant omega, gets bought off in an auction by Iheon Cha, a powerful dominant alpha. Aware of the complications in this love-hate relationship that he cannot escape from, Huimin must tread carefully to turn things around entirely.

The Third EndingChapter 76
Drama Mature Romance Shounen ai

Seo Yoon Seul, whos lived a perfect life so far, becomes a wreck when he starts having nightmares of a boy whom he coldly rejected when he was a student. The nightmares get even worse when he reunites with Kang Joon. Following his advice on becoming a good person to avoid nightmares, Yoon Seul approaches him to win his favor.

ToxinChapter 20
Adult Drama Mature Romance

[Translated by Mosh Scans] "I can assassinate him. Just let me meet the King of Darkness." I was born from the union of a human father and an Imae mother. Because I am of mixed race, I suffered persecution from the Imae tribe, never even receiving a name. One fateful day, the village of the Imae tribe was devastated by the subjugation of the ‘King of Darkness', who was widely rumored to be a murderous spirit, and my mother was brutally murdered at his hands. In my shock and dispear, I sought revenge against the King of Darkness and infiltrated the country of Baedal disguised as a painter in order to assassinate him with 'Imae's poison'. I am desperately trying to seduce the King of Darkness. However, it is not easy to remain by the side of a man who despises the Imae tribe... "If you look at me in disgust with your lustful eyes one more time, I will carve your eyeballs out of their sockets.” And so he began to react to the purple glow of my eyes.

MorpheusChapter 7
Adult Drama Mature Smut

Jinseong, a 'technician' and passionate omega who was confined in a workshop by Gold Class, a criminal organization that commits all kinds of evil deeds, tries to escape when the hostile organization Nyx invades. However, the hideout has already been almost taken over, and Jinseong even has someone to protect. In the end, Jin-seong encounters a member of the Nyx organization without being able to escape, and lies to Jae Lee, a mysterious man looking for 'Omega', saying that he is not an Omega, and is captured by his hand... Will Jin-seong be able to survive the unknown Lee Jae until the end? And is the only secret that Jinseong hides his trait?

Steel Under SilkChapter 66
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Yeonjo used to have it all: a highly respected family, a kind brother, and a comfortable life. Now, with his father executed for high treason, his last kin dead, and damned to a lifetime of slavery, Yeonjo has nothing to lose. All that is left is vengeance, and his chance comes when the new governor assigned to the region is none other than Kwon Hee-ryang, the man who destroyed everything Yeonjo loved. Now, Yeonjo will do everything to get his revenge…even if it means getting in bed with his greatest enemy. Hiding a blade behind his beautiful smile, like silk hiding steel, Yeonjo waits for his moment to strike. But things are not going to be so easy…

Dark Fall (Official)Chapter 62 HOT
Adult Drama Mature Smut

The mighty Leon has long ruled over Dark Fall. But when he mysteriously loses his powers, his obedient followers turn into dangerous enemies. And it isn’t simple revenge that they’re after. Instead, they want him to bear a new king of Dark Fall in his womb, while becoming their plaything in the process. Soon, Leon’s budding libido is stimulated for this very purpose, and Dark Fall’s once-great ruler is brought to his knees.

Brotherly XXChapter 5
Adult Mature Romance Smut

Woohyeok discovers that his big brother Sinwoo, who he has a crush on, has had feelings for their father for a long time. After a fit of rage, Woohyeok seizes the opportunity to release his lust for Sinwoo... MGS Note: NO INCEST!

Topsy-Turvy 〘Official〙Chapter 73
Adult Comedy Drama Mature

Ah-choo! Something about being around Jaehyun just gives Suyong the urge to sneeze. On the one hand, Suyong’s body seems to be rejecting Jaehyun’s mere presence but on the other…they can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other. Seems like these two are the definition of love-hate relationship. The plot is always the same in these stories. They end up getting into the same college, becoming roommates and then living happily ever after. Right? Well, not quite for our dynamic frenemy duo. Suyong’s sneezing fits end up ruining everything. He and good buddy Kim Norman have to matriculate a year later than planned. But a chance run-in on campus lands Suyong and Jaehyun back at each other’s throats. Or is it with their tongues down each other’s throats? Oh, and just who’s the top and who’s the bottom here? Something’s gotta give...and where does our little friend Normie fit into this topsy-turvy mess?

Dirty XXChapter 41
Adult Drama Mature Smut

The place where Seo Su-won (pseudonym), who had been running away, hid in pursuit of money was the playground of the upper class, overflowing with all sorts of corruption and corruption. A dog-like caddy life that started by meeting their tastebuds. It's not long before you run into a more doggy situation. “I will give you money to play and eat for the rest of your life.” Representative Jang, a man whose name is unknown even with three letters. He has made sponsorship offers. “I have nothing.” “You have a mouth.” “… … .” “There must be a hole that periodically excretes.” I don't know what he's doing, but I refuses because I was completely overwhelmed by the atmosphere he's giving off... . “You don’t have any fingerprints, so if you run away, there’s no way for me to catch you, right?” Things are somehow unexpected.

Trophy WivesChapter 39
Adult Drama Ecchi Mature

A mysterious massage aesthetic shop opens in the new town of Pyeongtaek, where people from rich conglomerates live. The shop owner is a handsome man with excellent looks and physicality, and sets fire to the hearts of married women in the city...

Predatory MarriageChapter 39
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Princess Leah wrote a suicide note ahead of her wedding. It was because she was certain that she would die after the wedding night; a miserable end of a princess who devoted her life to the country and to the royal family. But before giving up her life, Leah planned her last revenge to the family, one that would surely leave them in ruins even after she became a cold corpse. She would bring them shame by being a non-virgin bride. “Why did you throw away your first experience? Don’t you just want to run away?” “I… I want to die.” Leah impulsively confided to the man she slept with for one night

MacguffinChapter 39
Adult Drama Mature Romance

"What kind of person do you think I am?”"……a stranger."Lee Soo-ha, who has been locked up in an unidentified facility for a long time, is dragged by strangers and meets a man one day.Lee Soo-ha, then lives with that man, he found out that he is an Omega who was sold to him, an Alpha.He is concerned about his situation where he has no heat cycle and is unable to conceive due to his abnormal physical condition, but that man doesn't care even though Lee Soo-ha is not doing his job as omega.It's just confusing to learn what a man's inside is, the hatred towards him and the often feelings of deja vu, and it's just confusing as unknown things continue to happen... - Madeleine Scans -

Foul's start (KittyPitty)Chapter 8
Adult Mature Webtoons Yaoi

‘Eun Hae-il’ grew up without being able to forget the boy he had a crush on. That year, after retaking the exam four times, he finally got into the college he wanted. Though after rescuing a child from drowning in the sea, he lost his strength and fell to his death. Before his breathing stopped, he closed his eyes, thinking of the boy he missed, but when he opened them again, he was not at the sea, but inside the bus. A tsunami took him out of his unconsciousness, he crossed time, and came back to life. Then, the boy he loved, ‘Pado Yoon’, appeared in front of him. Did God really give them another chance?

The Evil Grand Duchess Has a Secret LifeChapter 48
Adult Mature Romance Smut

When a top actress named Elise is killed by her boyfriend, she gets transmigrated into the villainess of a story she was supposed to star in. But what's this? The man who was supposed to get transmigrated as her partner is too affectionate! Didn't they say he is cold and distant? What happened to the man who was supposed to help me?

The Ghost's NocturneChapter 64
Drama Mature Smut Supernatural

As the son of King Yeom-ra of the underworld, Jae-shin has lived a hedonistic life full of ever-changing bed partners and condescension towards humans. One day, however, he crosses a line and is given a rather unusual punishment: by day, he becomes a powerless puppy, and by night, he becomes a human. The only way to escape his punishment is to win over a human’s heart, which won’t be easy…especially when the human he sets his eyes on is sweet-natured prince Lee Nok. Will Jae-shin win over the prince? Or will Jae-shin be the one who is won over?

Drunken my bossChapter 2
Adult Ecchi Mature Smut

Cha Iseul is a girl who, without money, is like a lifeless body. She indulges in a depraved lifestyle. But one day, her card is confiscated, and she faces the threat of being kicked out of the house. At that moment, a mysterious woman named Sori appears in front of Iseul. "Madam, do you really not remember me?"

Eat First, Mom (Official)Chapter 43
Adult Drama Mature Smut

Do-Hoon Suk was leading a normal life after overcoming his traumatic past at high school. One day, he finds out his high school bully is his boss's daughter. It's finally time for revenge. "First, I'll start by taming your mother my way."

Lily of the ValleyChapter 7
Adult Mature Smut Yuri

‘Lily’ ends up staying at the mansion of her creditor ‘Rose’ due to her father’s debt. At her mansion where Lily goes with her maid ‘Anna’, the only person she relies on and loves, she meets the enchanting ‘Rose'...

Action Adult Mature Smut

Agent Kwon Taekjoo is dispatched to Russia with two tasks. First, he must find “Anastasia,” a new weapon that could change the world forever. Second, he is to avoid Russia’s psychotic killer, Psikh Bognadov, at all costs. To assist him on his undercover mission, Taekjoo is sent a partner who only reveals himself to be a man named Zhenya. But Zhenya quickly proves himself to be just as dangerous and unhinged as the infamous Psikh himself. Just who could he truly be? And will Taekjoo succeed in tracking down “Anastasia”?

ASHTRAYChapter 7
Adult Drama Mature Smut

Gye-neul is an organization member who has dedicated over half of his life to the White Night Faction. For some reason, he lives as the exclusive ashtray for Yong In-yeom, the boss's son, whom he has served since childhood. His body is covered in cigarette marks and his tattered tongue has lost its ability to taste, thanks to In-yeom’s strange possessiveness. If there's one consolation, it's that he hasn't yet touched the inside of his body. Until one day. As he continues his meaningless life as usual, he is sent on a business trip by In-yeom, and is reminded of his bloody past... "You’ll be stuck with me for the rest of your life."

Wild Eyes (Official)Chapter 96
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Eun Woo’s never been one for attention. She’s kept her head low in the palace ever since she first arrived, and all she’s focused on is doing a good job. Her peaceful life is broken, however, when the prince calls her to his bedroom. Lee Hyun is known for never having the same maid in his chambers twice, but Eun Woo keeps lingering on his mind. A story about a lonely prince and a lovely maid—will love make the prince’s wild eyes lose their sharp edge?

Dawn of the DragonChapter 58 HOT
Drama Mature Romance Smut

As the heir to the Yooshin corporation, Yoo Taehyuk is living his best life. However, everything changes when he’s informed that the dragon, the patron deity of the Yoo family, wants to forsake them to be with his mate. When his sister is asked to take the fall for the family and announce herself as the dragon’s mate, Taehyuk steps up instead. He agrees to meet the dragon in the hopes that he can convince him to stay. But will Taehyuk succeed in slithering into the impervious dragon’s good graces or get under his scales?

Mad Dog (Side Story)Chapter 12
Adult Mature Shounen Smut


The Blade and FlowerChapter 67
Drama Mature Romance Smut

On a night when the moonlight was particularly bright, Yeonjo's family collapsed at the tip of Hee-ryang's ruthless sword. Yeon-jo, who lost everything overnight, vows revenge and approaches Kwon Hee-ryang. Hiding behind the fragrant flower lies the tip of the blade...

Action Adult Mature Smut

After the loss of his fiancée, police officer Kyungjoon resigned himself to a life of watering his house plants and catching two-bit criminals. But after a police investigation into a mysterious cult goes supernatural, he finds himself face-to-face with “Lord Cain,” a demon king in desperate need of mana in order to survive. Good news: Kyungjoon’s body serves as a “door” through which Cain can enter Hell and restore his mana. Bad news: the method of opening that door is… not so safe for work... DEAR. DOOR ⓒ Pluto Published by TAPAS MEDIA 2021

The Holy Spirit Who TransgressesChapter 12
Adult Mature Romance Smut


The Coast of The WavesChapter 22
Adult Mature Smut Yaoi

One sided love~ Beta-Top Alpha-Bottom

Stormy Nights (暴夜)Chapter 24
Adult Drama Mature Romance

Eunha, striving valiantly to rescue her courtesan sister from register, one day receives an offer to become the personal reader of a blind nobleman. Following this, she encounters Ji-hak, a man with a dangerous aura. For reasons of his own, Ji-hak intends to use Eunha as his bait. As time passes, they find themselves increasingly drawn to each other, all the while concealing their true intentions...

Turning It AroundChapter 14
Adult Drama Mature Romance

"You look like you'd be an easy target?" These stuck-up female sunbaes treat me like their pet. However, in a relationship where everything turns around, these girls become submissive to Juyoung. "I will turn the relationship around. Lie down in front of me."

Sunset in WaterChapter 3
Adult Drama Mature Romance


Taming The MasterChapter 4
Adult Drama Mature Romance

With the author and Kiss me, liar

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